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'Our new and original members need some time for our teamwork. Rather than group drills, we should focus on personal training drills to understand everyone's weaknesses and strengths.'


"But that rascal Han. He's pretty malicious. He didn't relax his focus even when victory was pretty much theirs. He continued to finish the battle."


Han repeated back questioningly. According to Sergeant Red, this Elu mage was the foe that had killed all the other squads. Many second years had died as a result of the explosions.


A huge smile spread upon Octo's greasy face. He let Han freely pilot the psychoframe for the remaining period of time. Han freely piloted his psychoframe. He wasn't yet accustomed to it, and clumsily tumbled around many times.


The wars that had changed the world had many mishaps and weaknesses to their battle tactics. From a third party's perspective, there is nothing more easy to breakdown than past events.


"The current number of second generation psychoframes is eighty in total. This used to be top secret, but now everyone is aware of this fact."

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Han flipped on the switch for the protein gauze. A mushy foam gushed out from the end of a rod. The foam hardened around Sergeant Red's knee. The bleeding stopped immediately.


Behind the mask was a fellow peer. Skull mask started to focus on fighting against Han. There was no reason that skull mask couldn't beat him. Rather, skull mask had already transcended the combat level of the second years.


"You heard that, Han? My sword isn't the only thing you should be wary of."


"I always do my best, Sergeant Red. Did the sun rise from the west? How did you manage to agree with Drill Instructor Wei? I saw that Han Lee had received a letter of recommendation from the both of you."


'Such skills are obtained through more than just repeated military training drills.'


'It could be that Sergeant Red is one of the few people Silence converses with.'


He carefully looked through today's squad battle recording. He also watched the battles of the other squads without fail. His eyes burned with longing of victory.



"Someone already passed here, didn't they? They didn't bother saving you and abandoned you here, right? Did they take your food rations?"



Han had not fought many battles against Elus, but even he could see this Elu vastly differed in all aspects of a typical Elu.


Blue light flowed from Simon's eyes. Simon has killed a person moments before, making this threat that much more unsettling. The inspector paled as a cold chill ran down his spine.


Han had heard of this frequently during lectures. Airbeat, this equipment was necessary during aerial warfare. They are drones which people could comfortably use as an aerial platform. Other than a platform, the airbeats made for actual war are equipped with guns and are useful for supporting the team.

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