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"The order will be Silence, Simon, and then Han. The direction orientation will be based on the plane tail at 12, 7, 3, and 6 o'clock. We will be in linear formation; the order will remain the same. Keep visuals of the front, right, left, and back."


Kijo joined in during the few seconds Han had distracted the werewolf. He stabbed into the werewolf's head and twisted the wound site. The werewolf swung its arm widely to rip Kijo apart.


"Yes. The minions, more specifically the Elu mages are currently trying to reopen the dimensional gate. We stopped the opening last time, but they seemed to have prepared beforehand and they're dead set on opening the gate again. This means that we don't have much time left. The minion numbers are rising every day."


"I didn't see them yet. I saw you in this direction before I landed, and decided to walk into this direction. I thought it would be best to join up with the squad leader."


'This was inevitable when Kuro broke down. He understood that a single mistake would cause the whole squad's failure.' Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Han sat at Squad 13's dining table and began to eat. Soon, the other squads gradually filled the dining facility. A handful of people from the other squads spotted Squad 13 and waved.

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He had also turned to means that he was not proud of for the sake of survival. He had done whatever he could so that he and his younger siblings would be able to survive.


The trivial rivalry between the squads had become meaningless. They were all youths of Ark. They had seen for themselves, their one true enemy. They were merciless and cruel beings from another world.


The bullets hit Canute's body with ease. Canute's body shook violently. He couldn't even talk from the electric shock.


Han looked out the window. The new transfers were enjoying their free time period. They were getting adjusted to their new bodies.


Kuro's blue eyes made him look like a goblin. Kijo shut his mouth and nodded. He realized he might get himself killed by making the wrong move. His whole body became drenched in sweat. His instincts warned him that he was in grave danger.


-I see, I thought you were Chinese or Japanese. I'm not too good at differentiating orientals. I'm not sure if we have Korean food. Don't you all eat rice anyway?


"As long as we continue to move with all four members, it shouldn't make sudden attacks. The moment it appeared was when Private Herald and I were alone, and just a moment ago when we got the door open. It fears us. The corpse it displayed on the second level was to set fear into our minds, this goes for that horrible laugh as well it's trying to confuse us and weaken our formation. The weaker they are the stronger the bluff will be."



Han blearily blinked his eyes. Han could see an afterimage of the Elu mage through the pillars of lights streaming out from the crack. The Elu mage didn't even imagine that someone would appear from behind them. It only focused on the enemies attacking from the front.



'The instructors are no longer forcing us to battle against weaker squads. They don't purposely force us into a situation that we would lose, but they make the victories much more difficult.'


Han suddenly remembered the dragon energy he felt at the dimensional crack. Just the thought of the time made his body tremble in fear. It felt as if he had met his natural enemy.


Han walked while making sounds with his footstep. He then silently took several steps backwards.

  • Everyone had charged out running, with only Han left to defend the flag. The sigh had come out automatically.
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